School Security, 1st Edition

How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program

Learn how to build an effective school security program from the ground up from nationally acclaimed school security expert and President of RETA Security Paul Timm, PSP.

Key Features:

  • Serves as a comprehensive guide for building an effective security program at little or no cost.
  • Covers fundamental crime prevention concepts, making it suitable for both school security professionals and educators with no formal security training.
  • Addresses the risks commonly facing school administrators today, from access control to social media.
  • Takes a holistic approach to school security rather than focusing on a particular threat or event.


Cost = $42.46


Classroom Emergency Backpack

The Classroom Emergency Backpack is a critical item for your school, church, library, etc. This backpack contains important emergency supplies such as water, a flashlight, emergency blankets, a First Aid kit, and other necessities.

The supplies included are for short-term, as well as extended crisis situations (lockdown, evacuation and shelter-in-place).

Other features of note:

  • Portable for easy transport; can easily be taken on field trips or to athletic events.
  • Clear so that the contents are visible.
  • Additional space in the pack in case you have specific items you want to include.

Cost = $59.95
Note: A minimum order quantity of 20 is required. Quantity discounts are available. Call for details. Shipping charges apply.





Cost = $29.95

The ReadyTote package is designed for single family dwellings, apartments, condos, town homes, and college dorm rooms. Wherever you, your family, and other loved ones live or stay for any extended period, ReadyTote is an essential part of preventing crime and being prepared for emergencies.

ReadyTote may be purchased in either the STANDARD EDITION (shown on top) or the PREMIUM EDITION (shown on bottom). To order today or submit inquiries, please contact us.

The ReadyTote provides you with the following items:

  • An Instructional DVD that clearly walks you through the basics of home security.
  • A Tote Bag that contains a variety of important emergency supplies.
  • A Home Safety Checklist that helps you make sure you have all the suggested areas covered.



Cost = $9.95

The armband marks staff, volunteers, and chaperones that are monitoring activities like recess, P.E., or extracurricular activities.

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